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Shell Pies


Did you know that 80% of all shell pies sold in Scotland are Bells pies?  We are one of the nation’s favourite food brands!

Macaroni Cheese Pie

Delicious macaroni cheese in Bells special pastry, a taste combination that is a Scottish delicacy... always has been and always will be!
Available in packs of 2 in all good Supermarkets!

Chicken Curry Pie

Specially chosen pieces of succulent chicken in a heavenly curry sauce... Bells one and only chicken curry pie!
Available in packs of 2 & 4 in all good supermarkets!

Steak & Gravy Pie

The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards 2018. Select cuts of tender steak in a rich glossy gravy, all in bells special pastry...A favourite throughout Scotland
Available in all good supermarkets!

Steak & Haggis Pie

A wonderful combination of two of Scotland's finest, steak and haggis, all in a pie... it doesn't get any better
Available in all good supermarkets!

Vegan Scotch Pie

All the taste of the iconic Bells scotch pie but made with plant based ingredients. Suitable for vegans.
Available now in all good supermarkets!