From our door to yours

From our door to yours

We take great care in making sure our products reach you in perfect condition.

However, few people realise that we don't deliver our products directly to every supermarket store in Britain.

Once the product leaves our production lines, it's carefully packaged and stacked on large pallets. These are then stored in our state of the art Distribution Depot where our customers come to collect the goods in 20 pallet articulated lorries. These products are then taken to centralised depots all over the UK, set up by each retailler to store products ready for shipment in to your local store. Each store carefully monitors their shelves throughout the day and re-orders any products they need for their next delivery. These orders are gathered together by the retailler into one large order, and electronically sent to us for processing.

Although this means that we have no control over what each store receives, we still like to make sure our customers' needs are being met. If you have any problems getting the product you like from your local supermarket, please let us know and we shall endeavour to resolve the situation, if we can.

Stores outside Scotland have limited stock of our products as they tend to support suppliers local to them. One exception to this is Morrisons Stores, who sell selected Bells products all across the UK. See in store for details.