Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If your query is not answered below, then please contact us - we're always happy to help.

Q:           Do Bells make any products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

A:            Yes, we have just launched a 2 pack of Bells Vegan Scotch Pies. Currently available from larger Tesco and Sainsbury's stores in Scotland only.

Our Puff Pastry rolls and blocks are entirely vegetarian, and so too is our Shortcrust Pastry. Don't forget the delicious Scotch Dumpling Slices, as well as our Macaroni pies which are also suitable for vegetarians.

Q:           I am diabetic, how do I find out the weight of your products, so I can calculate the total amount of calories?

A:            We are happy to advise you in person, if you'd like to call our Quality Assurance team on our main number. Alternatively, you could use the Contact Us page to email us and your request will be passed to the relevant department.

Q:           Your steak pie pack advises "remove outer packaging" does that include the foil tray?

A:            No, please leave the pie in the oven proof foil tray; there's no need to transfer it to another dish.

Q:           Do I need to preheat my oven, even if it is fan assisted?

A:            Yes. Experience has shown us that pastry rises much better in a pre-heated oven.

Q:           Can I cook the Bells Puff Pastry block straight from the pack, or do I have to roll it out?

A:            Many of our customers enjoy the puff pastry as pre-cut squares with their meal. This involves simply opening the pack, unfolding the block and slicing it into the necessary portions. If your recipe requires a thinner base, simply roll it out on a lightly floured surface, to the size required.

Q:           My pastry isn't rising properly, what am I doing wrong?

A:            Always ensure you pre-heat your oven, though make sure it's not higher than the recommended temperature, as this can inhibit the pastry rising. Similarly always use a sharp knife blade when cutting.

Q:           Can I use Bells Shortcrust Pastry for sweet dishes?

A:            Definitely! The product is designed to be suitable for sweet or savoury recipes.

Q:           Do any Bells products contain nuts?

A:            No. All our products are manufactured at nut-free sites.